Download the Complete PDF. Begin Reading Now. Download the PDF. Suggested Themes and Topics for Future Editions. Combatives training provides one of the few environments that generates stress responses in soldiers similar to those engendered by combat. The collaboration between the Modern Army Combatives Program and Ready and Resilient performance centers provides opportunities to mitigate the performance risk from the stress response and provides the tools for soldiers to perform optimally.

Larger War, Smaller Hospitals? The author discusses the conundrum of battlefield challenges that will likely result in the event of large-scale combat operations LSCO that make rapid evacuation of casualties impossible at certain times and places, including observing that the currently envisioned size of the deployed medical capabilities to support LSCO may be too small.

Operationalizing Artificial Intelligence for Algorithmic Warfare. The author discusses how operationalizing AI is one way of gaining a military advantage and provides a framework to achieve this goal and avoid adversarial overmatch. Ensuring the Political Loyalty of the Russian Soldier. Russian leadership has worked to ensure the loyalty and devotion of those charged with defending the Russian state.

The battlespace in modern warfare has expanded to the economic domain. According to the author, it is strategically necessary for the United States and the Federal Reserve to maintain influence over and leadership of the international financial system.

An expert on Latin America provides an analysis of National Liberation Army activities, goals, and relationships with other regional guerrilla forces and criminal elements. The author uses the game of tic-tac-toe as a useful metaphor to discuss several key concepts in his discourse on U.

Photo illustration by Sgt. Timothy Hamlin, U. Tactical Data Science. He proposes a set of skills and competencies for digital transformation at the tactical level of war that can easily be taught by the institutional Army and be sustained with small-unit training.

The U. Army has developed a new operational concept, The United States Army in Multi-Domain Operationsprimarily to meet the challenges presented by its peer and near-peer adversaries. The Battlefield Development Plan drives continuous experimentation and analysis to refine and integrate the forces, concepts, and capabilities required to execute multi-domain operations.

Istanbul: A Tale of Three Cities. The author critiques a book by Bettany Hughes that describes the history and impact of what is today called Istanbul. Letter to the Editor. In a special feature, China betrays international commitments to the "One-country, two-systems" principle for governing Hong Kong by squashing its democracy, arresting its elected leaders, and imposing totalitarian rule. Taiwan takes note of Chinese treachery and failure to keep commitments.

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Back to Top. Skip to main content Press Enter. Toggle navigation. July-August Kirby R. Peter R. Jensen, U. Army, Retired Lt.This Outlook discusses the findings by Reizel et al. In this review, Cherry et al. In this review, Ferone et al. In this study, Lin et al. They provide genetic, anatomical, biochemical, and behavioral evidence showing that in C. Here, Reizel et al. In this study, Szulzewsky et al.

In this study, Longman et al. In this study from Marcheva et al. View all Table of Contents August 1, ; 34 FoxA factors: the chromatin key and doorstop essential for liver development and function James A. Heslop and Stephen A. Duncan Genes Dev. August 1, 34 : - ; doi: Alternative splicing and cancer: insights, opportunities, and challenges from an expanding view of the transcriptome Sara Cherry and Kristen W.

Lynch Genes Dev. Select this article. Giacominiand Kaveh Ashrafi Genes Dev. August 1, 34 : - ; Published in Advance July 16,doi: You'll be in good company. Journal of Lipid Research. Table of Contents August 21, ; Editors' Picks Highlights Select this article. Hallberg and Michiko E.

Taga J. Editors' Picks Select this article. MarmontGregory B. WhitfieldRoland PfohRohan J.

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WilliamsTrevor E. ParsekIan A. LewisJohn C. WhitneyJoe J. Harrisonand P. Lynne Howell J. Whitfield Author profile: Lindsey S. Select this article. MarinkoBruce D.

Carterand Charles R. Sanders J. MtcB, a member of the MttB superfamily from the human gut acetogen Eubacterium limosumis a cobalamin-dependent carnitine demethylase Duncan J. KountzEdward J.

BehrmanLiwen Zhangand Joseph A. Krzycki J. JBC Reviews Select this article. Iorgaand Camille V. Goemans J.You'll be in good company. Journal of Lipid Research. Table of Contents August 14, ; Editors' Picks Highlights Select this article. Finding proteases that make cells go viral Hector C. Aguilar and David W. Buchholz J.

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Select this article. A protein folding intermediate pulls its weight Jonathan P.

Schlebach J. Editors' Picks Select this article. Comparative study of the stabilities of synthetic in vitro and natural ex vivo transthyretin amyloid fibrils Sara RaimondiP. TaylorJulian D. GillmoreAlessandra CorazzaMark B. The folding and unfolding behavior of ribonuclease H on the ribosome Madeleine K. JensenAvi J. JBC Reviews Select this article. Neil G. Marsh J. Cell Biology Select this article.

Boyceand Lianping Xing J. Developmental Biology Select this article. El-Dahr J. Enzymology Select this article. Hegg J. Gene Regulation Select this article. Stirling Churchmanand Mordechai Choder J. FritzSoumya RanganathanClara D. Wangand J.Both Kirk Cousins and Philipp Rivers are solid quarterbacks more than capable of airing it out.

Check out Mike's profile page for more information. Released on Dec 09 at 12:42 am View Archive Carlo Campanella Dec 10 '17, 1:00 PM in 18h The Browns are 0-12 and kust fired their GM, Sashi Brown, this week.

Get the better team AND the pointsReleased on Dec 07 at 06:20 pm View Archive Bobby Conn Dec 10 '17, 1:00 PM in 18hReleased on Dec 09 at 09:11 am View Archive Red Dog Sports Dec 10 '17, 10:00 AM in 15h FC Zurih vs. Released on Dec 08 at 02:44 pm View Archive Marc Lawrence Dec 10 '17, 1:00 PM in 18h Play - Cleveland Browns (Game 118). Released on Dec 07 at 11:17 am View Archive Pro Computer Gambler Dec 10 '17, 1:00 PM in 18h KEY NFL SYSTEM OF THE WEEK: Since 2004,teams playing their second straight road game or more are, on the blind, 509-411-20 (55.

By simply playing a lot on the road (that's it, nothing else), it seems that teams, Automatically get Under-valued. We had a play on Tennessee last week and it would get the job done in its 24-13 victory over Houston. Released on Dec 07 at 03:53 pm View ArchiveGuaranteed Free Picks from Winning Sports Handicappers for Tonight Here at Sports Capping we have put together a group of nearly 100 of the top experts in the business and many of them provide free betting tips on a daily basis.

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FC Volendam 2-1 Jong Utrecht (1) WON TOTAL ODDS 4. Arsenal 6-0 BATE Borisov (1) WON 2. BSC Young Boys 2-1 Skenderbeu (1) WON TOTAL ODDS 2. AS Monaco1-0 Angers SCO (1) WON 2. Ahly Cairo 4-1 ENPPI Cairo (1) WON 3. Valencia CF 4-1 Real Zaragoza (1) WON 2.When looking for our betting tips and predictions we study and take all this information in, we then provide it in a betting prediction for you to take advantage of. In our betting prediction, we will provide a match betting tip, a correct score tip and a first goal scorer prediction along with the odds.

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However, they had a poor start to the season.

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He attacks from angles rather than straight lines.

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Rigondeaux is very patient on the back foot and has exceptional timing but I think Lomachenko will be too busy and too big physically. What a match up. No one has more ability than this pair. Both have got talent pouring out of their ears. Both have got great attributes and can win any fight on their best day. Rigondeaux is the more experienced and very sharp. He might be able to catch Lomachenko and deliver the knockout blow.

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So, IOW, after the fight ends, there will either be 11 experts who are no longer experts, or 3 experts who are no longer experts. My head is spinning. And someone posted yesterday that around the time of the weigh-in, Vegas odds were 2. He's too good for him. Tags: Vasyl Lomachenko Guillermo Rigondeaux Lomachenko vs. Post a Comment - View More User Comments (12) freestar.

Daily Bread Mailbag: Loma-Rigo, Golovkin, Cotto, Roy Jones, More Photos: Luis Ortiz Trades Words With Deontay Wilder After Win Lomachenko vs. Rigondeaux: 14 UK Experts Give Predictions Video: Memo Heredia on Marquez, Chavez Jr, Salido, Andy Ruiz Skoglund Suffers Sparring Injury, Dimitrenko's Opponent Falls Out Benavidez's Manager Reacts To DeGale, Says Eubank Wins WBSS Ravshan Hudaynazarov Snaps Layoff, Returns in Baton Rouge Video: Cecilia Braekhus Talks Cyborg, Career Update, More Video: Loeffler Talks Canelo-GGG, Charlo, Superfly 2, More Lomachenko vs.

Wilder To Luis Ortiz: We Must Fight, You Will Have Your Fight. Express Sport predicts who will be the big winners and losers in Gameweek 16Premier League action is back again this weekend, and there are a couple of huge derby clashes to look forward too. West Ham host Chelsea in the early kick-off (12.

Tottenham will be looking to get back to winning ways against Stoke while Crystal Palace and Swansea both have vital home fixtures against Bournemouth and West Brom in the 3pm fixtures. Leicester will be confident of getting a result away at Newcastle this evening (5.

Arsenal travel to Southampton (12pm), Liverpool host Everton in the Merseyside derby (2. Take a look through the gallery above to see how we think each Premier League team will get on during the latest round of matches. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, order back issues and use the historic Daily Express newspaper archive.

Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. There are a lot of different storylines at play on Sunday, when the 10-2 Eagles visit the 9-3 Rams at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in what will likely be the biggest game of Week 14. Not only will the game feature a matchup of two of the top teams in the NFC, it will also be the first head-to-head matchup between Rams quarterback (and former No. Then there's the whole Eagles-practicing-in-LA angle, as well as the comparisons between the two upstart teams' young coaches, Doug Pederson and Sean McVay.

But perhaps the most interesting angle is something I came across earlier on Friday while rounding up the experts' picks from around the country. It came from NFL. The Eagles will try to make this a grind it out rushing attack game, as the Rams' biggest weakness is defending the run.

The Eagles have a significant advantage on the ground, while I don't see a big difference in these two teams through the air. I admittedly do not feel great about this game. It seems like a good opportunity for a bounce back, but you think back over the last month or so and there have been a fair amount of slow starts against good and bad completion alike.

Playing with fire on a weekly basis will eventually come back and burn you. But given their performance so far this season, I think Pederson, Wentz and the gang deserve some benefit of the doubt to prove they can bounce back.