Paraphrasing is an important skill to acquire in your writing. It allows you to put ideas from sources into your own words and avoid quoting large blocks of text.

Even if you paraphrase a source instead of quoting it, American Psychological Association format requires you to cite the text that the paraphrased information comes from. Paraphrasing is not just rearranging the words used in your source, or rewriting a sentence using different vocabulary. The language and phrasing you use in a paraphrased sentence should be your own, and sound like the writing you use in the rest of your essay. If the first attempt at your paraphrased sentence is too close to the original, rewrite your sentence with a different arrangement of words and different vocabulary.

If you repeat a phrase of two or more words from your sourceyou should put this phrase in quotes to signify its origin.

paraphrasing apa cite citation essay apa

If you cannot write a paraphrasing of your source that you are satisfied with, quote directly from your source instead. Whenever you paraphrase material in APA format, you must place an in-text citation in your paper, noting the source you paraphrased. An in-text citation is closed in parentheses, and contains the last name of the source's author and the year the source was published.

You may also include the page number of the cited information, though this is not required for paraphrased references. Note that other writing styles will require different information for this in-text citation -- Modern Language Association, for instance, requires only author name and page number.

One recurring theme in mythology is an ancient time period where humanity lived without the threat of starvation or the burdens of work and pain Eliade,p. Jon Zamboni began writing professionally in He has previously written for The Spiritual Herald, an urban health care and religious issues newspaper based in New York City, and online music magazine eBurban.

Zamboni has a Bachelor of Arts in religious studies from Wesleyan University.Paraphrasing is the art of putting information into your own words while writing a research paper, in order to maintain the academic integrity of your project. This is important because you need to use solid evidence as a researcher, but you need to put information into the proper format to avoid plagiarism.

The American Psychological Association APA created a writing style in that calls for uniformity and consistency in giving credit to sources in your research. If you do not properly paraphrase your source material following the APA style, you are at the risk of losing credibility as a writer and possibly plagiarizing.

paraphrasing apa cite citation essay apa

Although paraphrasing is not difficult, it does take time and a little forethought to do it correctly. There are several steps you should follow in order to achieve success. The first step in creating an effective paraphrase is to carefully read the original source. Read it the first time to get the overall understanding, and then do a second closer reading in order to gather details and material that will help you formulate your argument. After reading the original source and determining what details can help you formulate your argument, take a minute to jot down some notes.

Be careful to put everything into your own words. Change the structure of the sentence as well as the vocabulary. Also, take a moment to take notes on the context of the source. Why was it written? Who wrote it? When was it written? In order to construct a paraphrase, you need to include the same information, but with different sentence structure and different vocabulary.

APA rules say that a paraphrase should be approximately the same length as the original. Although an extra step, it is always a good idea to read through the original source one more time to make sure that you have chosen different words and varied the sentence structure.

This is a good time to add the APA requirements of author and year of the source so that you have it handy. Even though you are putting a paraphrase into your own words, APA requires an in-text citation for paraphrasing.

paraphrasing apa cite citation essay apa

You can create a parenthetical citation or a narrative citation to accomplish this. For a parenthetical citation, write your paraphrase and then add the author and year in parenthesis at the end. Use a comma between the author and the year inside the parenthesis, and put the period for the end of the sentence outside the parenthesis. Key, My parents traveled from Italy to Germany and then France. As the oldest child, I traveled with them after being born in Naples. They were very close, and shared that love they had for each other with me Shelley,p.

This is an excerpt taken from an online source :. This is preeminently the time to speak the truth, the whole truth, frankly and boldly. Nor need we shrink from honestly facing conditions in our country today.

This great Nation will endure as it has endured, will revive and will prosper…. In order to paraphrase, read through the text once to get the gist of it, and then again for deeper understanding. The context of this passage is also significant. It was given by a U. What do you think he was trying to achieve? Next take notes in your own words.How do I cite the paraphrase in my paper? Smith According to J.

Smith also has some ideas about Smith, In the article, J. Smith gives advice about At the end put the citation at the end of the section Smith, Ideally, you would not need to have an entire paragraph that is a paraphrase of someone's ideas.

Smith's ideas of paper writing in the essay, "How to write a great paper" the important parts are choosing a great topic, knowing the topic well, and being able to synthesize research about the topic Smith, These points are important because insert your own opinion about why this stuff is important.

This is clearly true because here is what I think about this issue. In this way, you are still paraphrasing Smith in a paragraph, but you are also letting your reader know which parts are Smith's ideas and which parts are your ideas, and most importantly why you think Smith is useful for your argument. To cite quotations correctly:. Ask Us! How do you cite an entire paragraph that is a paraphrase not a quote? Answer To paraphrase correctly: Sum up the main idea s of the author's argument using your own words and sentence structure.

The reader cannot know with one citation which ideas are yours and which are from the article. When you add sources to a paper: Make it clear which words are your ideas and which are from the article's author. Use sentence structure to signal what is from someone else AND include the citation information.

You cannot just put one at the end of the paragraph, which is plagiarism. Please read this article for an additional breakdown of why. Smith's ideas. This shows how each of the ideas is important and relevant to the paper. Can I use one citation at the end of a multiple sentence paragraph, or do I have to cite for every sentence? Topics APA.Whenever you are writing a paper and referencing an idea from one of your sources, it is necessary to provide a reference showing where you drew your information from.

This is true not only for directly quoting your sources but also for paraphrasing them -- expressing their ideas in your words. American Psychological Association APA style provides a simple guideline for how to note your paraphrases in text.

Whenever you paraphrase a sentence or idea from a source, include an in-text citation. This is a parenthetical including the name of the source's author s and the year the source is written.

For example, consider this sentence paraphrasing and citing an author's description of medieval helmets:. You can also include the page number on which the paraphrased information appears in the source. While this is not required in APA style, it is encouraged:.

While ideas of pollution can complement moral rules, they do not have the same unambiguous fixed structure Douglas,p. If you note the date or author of a work in a paraphrased sentence, you do not need to include that information in your in-text citation. For example. Borges' description of the Naga derives from that in the Mahabharataa figure noted for forcing its affections on Arjunap. Jon Zamboni began writing professionally in He has previously written for The Spiritual Herald, an urban health care and religious issues newspaper based in New York City, and online music magazine eBurban.

Zamboni has a Bachelor of Arts in religious studies from Wesleyan University. How to Write a Bibliography in Bluebook.

Jon Zamboni Updated April 17, About the Author. Photo Credits.It is a set of rules for publications, including research papers. In APA, you must "cite" sources that you have paraphrased, quoted or otherwise used to write your research paper. Cite your sources in two places:. Items can be tracked down online using their doi. In-Text Citation : A brief note at the point where information is used from a source to indicate where the information came from.

An in-text citation should always match more detailed information that is available in the Reference List. Paraphrasing : Taking information that you have read and putting it into your own words. Plagiarism : Taking, using, and passing off as your own, the ideas or words of another. Quoting : The copying of words of text originally published elsewhere. Direct quotations generally appear in quotation marks and end with a citation.

Retrieval Date : Used for websites where content is likely to change over time e.


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Cite your sources in two places: In the body of your paper where you add a brief in-text citation. In the Reference list at the end of your paper where you give more complete information for the source. Headers - No running headers are required for student papers.

How to Cite a Paraphrase in APA Format

Tables and Figures - There is a standardized format for both tables and figures. Use only one space after a sentence-ending period. Three or more authors can be abbreviated to First author, et al. Up to 20 authors are spelled out in the References List. Publisher location is not required for books Ebook platform, format, or device is not required for eBooks.

Library database names are generally not required Hyperlinks - No "doi:" prefix, simply include the doi. Commonly Used Terms Citing : The process of acknowledging the sources of your information and ideas. Reference : Details about one cited source. Do You Need Citation Help? Chat Help Chat loading Note: When copying this guide, please retain this box. Subjects: Citing Your Sources. Tags: APA.Paraphrasing allows you to summarize and synthesize information from one or more sources, focus on significant information, and compare and contrast relevant details.

Published authors paraphrase their sources most of the time, rather than directly quoting the sources; student authors should emulate this practice by paraphrasing more than directly quoting. When you paraphrase, cite the original work using either the narrative or parenthetical citation format.

Paraphrasing is covered in Sections 8. This guidance has been expanded from the 6th edition.

How to Paraphrase in APA Format

Although it is not required to provide a page or paragraph number in the citation, you may include one in addition to the author and year when it would help interested readers locate the relevant passage within a long or complex work e. These guidelines pertain to when you read a primary source and paraphrase it yourself. If you read a paraphrase of a primary source in a published work and want to cite that source, it is best to read and cite the primary source directly if possible; if not, use a secondary source citation.

A paraphrase may continue for several sentences. In such cases, cite the work being paraphrased on first mention. Once the work has been cited, it is not necessary to repeat the citation as long as the context of the writing makes it clear that the same work continues to be paraphrased. Velez et al. However, self-esteem, person—organization fit, and perceived organizational support mediated these effects.

Additionally, stronger womanist attitudes—which acknowledge the unique challenges faced by women of color in a sexist and racist society—weakened the association of workplace discrimination with psychological distress.

These findings underscore the importance of considering multiple forms of workplace discrimination in clinical practice and research with women of color, along with efforts to challenge and reduce such discrimination. If the paraphrase continues into a new paragraph, reintroduce the citation.

If the paraphrase incorporates multiple sources or switches among sources, repeat the citation so the source is clear. Read your sentences carefully to ensure you have cited sources appropriately.

Play therapists can experience many symptoms of impaired wellness, including emotional exhaustion or reduced ability to empathize with others Elwood et al.

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APA In-text Citations (6th Edition)

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