No need to worry, here is a complete tutorial to let you know how to create simple but dangerous Notepad Virus step by step with an explanation!

NOTE: This post is solely and mainly for educational purpose only. I am nowhere responsible for any kind of damage caused by this tutorial, for more info read our disclaimer. First of all, you need a Windows PC, obviously. Warning: Do not try this on your daily working PC. Hence, your Batch file will be converted into a Windows Application.

This will helps in convincing your victim to open the file. Hi, I need android or iphone fully crash virus, can you please post any code for me. I am ios app developer and 4 years experience, but i interest from hacking concept, please help me. Hi sir, I have a problem, on how to get back my Internet connection which was disabled using the batch file in disabling it completely…. Please help me…. Thanks in advance…. Hello Bro, i am having some problem in the antivirus disabler script, it is not working for me, btw all other are working fine, thanks for posting.

Thanks For sharing. It contains a lot of information. We need to learn new things from these blog. Is batch scripting an app. Or i can just do it without batch scripting. For some reason when i try to run or open the. All virus works But you have to very careful for doing the 10 no.

Or you will lost your pc. Thanks a lot MD Wasil Ansari for this piece of knowledge, we really appreciate it. Pls i will like to reach you personally through email, skype or any convenient with youso i can share my personal IT challenges i face with you.

I will appreciate the opportunity if given. Thanks in anticipation. How should I go about fixing this so I can test my other Notepad viruses. Thank you. Are you retarded or something? Think before you comment thanks. Hey MD Wasil Ansari, it was a really nice read! With just 1 line of code, you can create such an awesome virus!!

Sir MD Wasil Ansaril, All these virus created up there, what is the possible code to resolve them all, because i know there must be a way out. Bro plz tell me how to create a gmail virus my friend has hacked my gmail account and he is asking for money in replace plz help me. If we send the.Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

The less the user interacts with a program, the less they can screw up. Community Forum Software by IP. Board Licensed to: Rohitab Batra. Twitter Contact Us. Sign In Create Account. Edit Style. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. This topic is locked. Posted 10 November - AM. This guide is only intended for people who want to learn 2.

But its not much of a virus lets make it do some cool stuff. Cool is it not? GetSystemDirectory system,sizeof system ; Basically this finds out what your system directory is.

This function binds to strings together to form one. CopyFile pathtofile,system,false ; Pretty self explanatory copy from were our virus is to were we want it to be.

What false means if virus. HKEY hKey is the buffer that holds the data for calls to the registry nothing else about this except you need it. And then we add the buffer. The next zero is the same as above reserved needs to stay 0. The next call closes the registry key. Now comes the fun part of writing a virus the payload! This could be anywhere from a DdoS to making the cursor jump around the screen. Note destructive payloads are lame and frowned upon by the virus community, so do you self a favour and get the idea of destroying computers out of your mind.

learn to write a virus

Besides writing a non destructive payload is more fun. To fix your startbar ctrl-alt-delete find virus. Then find explorer. Keep experimenting there are hundreds of API calls you can use try them out. Sezukarasadeyanvzlomshikzloy and 1 other like this.A computer virus is a malicious program that tries to harm your computer by replicating itself and modifying other programs.

Almost all of us might have faced a virus attack when downloading files from the internet. In this article, I will explain how to create a virus and how it actually works. If you are facing virus attacks on your computer then make sure to read this guide.

How To Create Computer Virus In Few Seconds (Notepad virus tricks)

Now computer viruses are actually a program that is coded by the bad guys. It is used to test if your antivirus is working or not. By using this batch file you can stop someone Internet access. Again it is a harmless virus that can be reversed easily. Simply paste the below code and save it with. You can name the file anything you want. Want to create an app bomber? The below code will create an unlimited background process which will result in your computer freezing and crashing at the end.

This is a harmful notepad virus. This will permanently disable the internet connection. You will have to install a fresh copy of Windows to get the internet connection back. These were some of the simple computer viruses created using notepad. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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In this case, several readers have written to tell us that this article was helpful to them, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewedtimes. Learn more Have you ever wished you could create your own virus, either for your own learning or as a prank? Virus creation takes time and knowledge, but anyone can do it if they put their mind to it.

Creating a virus can teach you a lot about how a programming language works, as well as operating system and network security. See Step 1 below to get started and have fun creating your own virus. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker.

Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article Steps. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Determine what operating system you are going to attack. The most common target is Microsoft Windows, especially older versions. Many old Windows users do not update their operating system, leaving them vulnerable to security holes that may be fixed in newer versions.

Mac OS X and Linux are both fairly virus-proof due to the way permissions work and the general architecture of the operating system.

Decide how you want it to spread.

How to Create an Awesome (Harmless) Computer Virus Prank (Fake Virus)

A virus is only a virus if it can spread to other users. You will need to figure out the delivery method before beginning, as it is one of the fundamentals of the virus's code. Common delivery mechanisms include: Executable file. COM etc. Macro Microsoft Office - Macros are programs that are embedded into a document or email.

They target Word, Outlook, and other macro-enabled products.

How to Create a Computer Virus Using Notepad (Simple)

The most common method of delivery is via email with an infected document attached. Web script - These are pieces of malicious code that are injected into sites without the webmasters' knowledge. Determine the weak spot that you want to target. Successful viruses exploit weak spots in a program's or system's security to spread and carry out their actions.

This requires a lot of research and know how, but there are communities out there that can help you find what you need. Decide what you want your virus to do.Choose a Session. Data SecurityIT Pros. Oded Awaskar. Check out the rest:. On the other hand, I really believe that an IT security person should master some of the programming concepts that go into malware. As Inside Out blog has been pointing out, you have to think like a hacker to stop one.

More on that later. NET framework when coding with C. A keylogger is a piece of a software or hardware that can intercepting and record the keystrokes of a compromised machine.

Think of it as digital tap that captures every keystroke from the keyboard. Often the keylogger function is embedded in another piece of malware. However, the key logger function is fairly easy to code. But first a few warnings to make our lawyers happy. Next, the examples below will not compile on their own. Finally, I will not be showing you how to make the keylogger persistent so that it survives a reboot, or will I show how to make it avoid detection through using special coding techniques.

If one of them is pressed or has been pressedit will print it out to the console. In a real keylogger, the keystrokes would be buffered and then stealthily transmitted back to the hacker. The above code pulls in the raw keyboard input from whatever window and input box that currently has the focus.

If the goal of your hacking is to get passwords or credit card numbers, this approach is not very efficient. A hacker would have a very difficult time parsing the stream to find the valuable information. By using this method of limiting the input to browsers, I increase my chances of spotting user names and passwords. This code snippet will probe the active window every ms. GetForegroundWindow does the real heaving lifting.

Suppose this is an ambitious hacker who has managed to infect tens or hundreds thousands of laptops. Here is an example of two regexes that would match the usernames and passwords from a wall of text:. With regex, I can search for social security numbers, credit card numbers, bank accounts, phone numbers, names, passwords — really anything that has a pattern can fall into a regex expression.

Languages such as Java, CJavaSript and others have builtin regex functions in which you can insert the expression representing what you want match — the above cryptic code — and run it against the text containing the potential patterns. The second regex re2 will match any password like patterns that are longer than six letters. Back in my own lab, I used Visual Studio — you can use your favorite IDE — to code a malicious keylogger tool in under 30 minutes.

If I were a real hacker, I would define targets i. I compiled my code, and then checked the exe against Virustotal. Click here to see the complete analysis page at Virustotal.Today we are going to describe five ways to create a virus in less than a minute.

Go through the post to know about it. Today in every second, a person is using a computer and almost every one of them knows about a virus. The virus is a malicious program that enters into the computer without your permission and can affect your data and operating system.

However, have you ever thought about creating a virus? You can create one within seconds, and it is possible with some simple methods that I am going to discuss in this post. Many of you will think the methods must be on coding, but there is nothing like that. The tricks are based on the notepad. Just follow the below steps for creating a virus within a minute. Additionally, you can remove malware from your browser if it is infected. Step 1. First of all, in your Windows OS, open the notepad.

Step 2. Now copy and paste the below code in your notepad screen. Step 3. Now save this file as virus. Now running the file will delete the C drive completely, and the operating system of the respective computer will get corrupted. Item i. Eject Next End If wscript. When you double click on this file, you will be amazed at what this simple, harmless virus can do.

To stop this virus, you need to open Task Manager and select process tab and end the wscript. If you have an active antivirus, then your antivirus program will simply remove this file in no-time. This is the harmless virus that is used to check the security level of your antivirus. This is a harmless virus and it will not destroy your PC.

You need to type the following code in the notepad. Now Save the file as a. Well, if you want to fix it. It is just a simple notepad trick that will let you see the string of green characters appearing randomly.

It has nothing to do with your computer registry, batch, etc. You can use this trick to scare your friend because the screen looks like a virus affected. Now save the file as Matrix. You can also create a virus that can shut down computers. Well, this virus is harmless but can cause data loss due to sudden shutdown. The computer is shutting down. It represents the time in seconds. Then click on the Next button and type chrome.

Or whatever you want.This page doesn't provide information on how to create a computer virus.

learn to write a virus

Computer Hope doesn't condone the creation of or use of computer viruses, and therefore doesn't provide training on how to create a virus.

This page discusses the reasons for not creating viruses and alternate options that you could pursue. If you are interested in creating a computer virustrojanwormmalwareor another malicious program as revenge, payback, or as a prank, we suggest you rethink.

Creating a virus that deletes files or causes other issues resolves nothing and results in prosecution by the law. In other words, you could be fined or sent to prison. Instead of creating computer viruses or other malware, consider learning a computer programming language. You will learn a lot more by learning one or more programming languages and become more qualified in getting hired at a company that designs programs or analyzes viruses.

No one ever got hired because they wrote a computer virus. You will learn a lot more about how computer programs and viruses work by learning to program than you ever will by writing and tinkering with computer viruses. A computer virus is a program solely designed to do malicious tasks, such as deleting files or inserting code into other files to corrupt them.

It accomplishes these tasks by copying itself to other areas in memory or by spreading to other computers and areas the logged in user can access. By learning to program, you'll understand how viruses work in addition to gaining other skills. See the link below if you are not exactly sure what language to start learning first.

You can create test virus files to test your computer's antivirus scanner without having to create one. See the link below for additional information and code on how to create a test virus.

No, the only fame you may get is a brief news article or a picture of you being handcuffed and sent to prison. Once incarcerated, it's on your record and would make it impossible to get hired at any respectable computer company or government agency.

If you were to write a computer virus that was successful, you would want to remain anonymous in fear of being prosecuted by the law. Also, if you think about it, almost everyone knows Bill Gates and what he has done for computers but has never heard of Jeffrey Parson.

learn to write a virus

False, no respectable security firm or antivirus company wants to be affiliated with a virus or malware creator that infected potential customer computers. If you are interested in getting a job with a security firm or antivirus company, you have a much better chance by learning to program.

Doing things like becoming a participant in security discussions, being a beta testeror finding and reporting program vulnerabilities are recommended. Companies, such as Google, even pay good money to anyone who reports bugs or security vulnerabilities about any of their products. Computer Hope will not send any other information about creating computer viruses, worms, or trojans.

This page was created to help deter people from creating computer viruses and learn computer programming instead. How do I create a computer virus? Note Note This page doesn't provide information on how to create a computer virus. Additional information Why do people create viruses and malware? Do antivirus companies create computer viruses?

Is it a crime to make a computer virus? How to hack someone or something. Computer security-related dictionary terms and definitions. Computer virus help and support. Was this page useful?